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Thumb arthritis usually occurs as a person ages and it happens when the bone cartilage wears away. The cartilage is present at the bone ends which help in joint formation at the thumb base known as carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. Thumb arthritis causes decreased strength, severe pain or swelling and decreases the motion range and therefore it becomes difficult to do tasks (turning doorknobs or opening jars). Order Tramadol online and get delivery at your door step for pain treatment.


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Symptoms of Thumb Arthritis:

The pain is first and the most common symptom of thumb arthritis. It usually occurs at the thumb base when a person use thumb to apply force or grip, grasp or pinch the object. Other signs and symptoms are decreased range of motion, decreased strength when grasping or pinching the object, stiffness, tenderness or swelling at the thumb base or bony, enlarged appearance of joint at your thumb base. Buy Tramadol online legally at cheaper rates.

When too see the doctor:

If you have ongoing pain, stiffness or swellings in the thumb base then consult your doctor. The thumb arthritis generally occurs with aging. previous trauma or injury to the thumb might cause thumb arthritis. In the normal joint cartilage covers the bone ends thereby acting as cushion and therefore allowing the bone to move against each other smoothly. In case of thumb arthritis cartilage which covers the bone ends deteriorates and the smooth surface becomes rough. The bones when rub against each other finally results in friction leading to joint damage. Buy Tramadol online next day delivery from the best online dug store and avail it at discounted price.

When the joints get damaged it results in growth of new bones which are called as bone spurs thus produces noticeable lumps on the thumb joint.

Risk Factors:

The factors that can increase the risks of thumb arthritis are female sex, obesity, and specific hereditary conditions such as joint ligament laxity,Order Tramadol Online malformed joints or, age more than forty years years, injuries to the thumb joint like fractures or sprains or jobs or activities that exert pressure on the thumb joint.

Diagnosis and treatment:

While performing physical exam the GP will ask you the symptoms and check for swelling or lumps in the joints. The GP might hold your joint by exerting pressure against the joint. When such type of movement gives a grinding sound and gritty feeling and cause pain then it means that the cartilage has worn out. Actually x-rays shows the signs of thumb arthritis including worn-down cartilage, loss of joint space or bone spurs.

In the initial stage’s treatment requires non-surgical therapies. Prescription pain killers like tramadol tablets to relieve you from pain may be prescribed.  Buy Tramadol online cheap and avail delivery every time on the exact time.

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