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Phentermine is a medicine given to assist individuals with weight loss. It renders its effects by reducing the overall appetite, and is generally prescribed for 3-6 weeks to individuals, who are consuming low-calorie diet, and are exercising. This medicine is also actively present in various drugs named Ionamin , Zantryl, and Fastin. These medicines are the most recommended diet pills on the internet and market. Also, as they are identical to amphetamines and function as a stimulant drug, they are controlled substances and are frequently sold illegally. Buy phentermine online to reduce excess weight. 

Action Mechanism: 

The medication acts identically to amphetamines in reducing the appetite, elevating blood pressure and inducing central nervous system. It is consumed as an extended release capsule or a tablet, with dose and timing determined according to the form. Usually, extended release capsule is consumed once daily in the morning, whereas the tablets are consumed half an hour before eating food, three times in a day.

After a dose, the medicine gets absorbed in body through gastrointestinal tract and achieves peak concentration in blood in 3-4 hours. Phentermine has half-life of approximately 24 hours, that is the period it takes for almost half of dose to get passed unchanged in urine or  metabolized through liver. Normally, it takes 5 to 6 half-lives for medications to be nearly completely eliminated from the body.

Precautions To Be Exercised: 

This drug has stimulant properties; therefore it could increase levels of hormone, including serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. This is identical to amphetamines, which is the reason there is a danger for addiction. Due to these reasons, prescriptions of phentermine are regulated tightly and often only permitted for short duration of time. Moreover, it is not prescribed for individuals who have a history of substance abuse.  

To prevent possible drug interactions, it is very important for a person to discuss all their supplements and medicines with a doctor. Medications of some concern include those that are used to treat anxiety and depression. This includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox and Prozac, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors like Nardil and Marplan.  In addition, Guanethidine and insulin drugs for depression and weight loss are also of some concern. If an individual needs insulin for diabetes, they may make adjustments in their doses while taking phentermine. 

Some individuals are allergic or highly sensitive to this medicine or its chemical ingredients. The doctor can provide a complete list of all the ingredients through which you can analyze whether you are allergic to certain things. Buy phentermine online legally and take drugs under doctor’s supervision. 


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