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Soma, also called carisoprodol, is mainly ingested as a muscle relaxant. This drug is prescribed for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain and muscle spasms. It works by making changes in the communication among nerves in those parts of the brain that control pain sensations and in the spinal cord. It is listed as a schedule IV medication in the Unites States. In order to get instant relief from the muscle pain and associated discomfort, Buy Soma 350 mg Online.

If you have suffered some muscle injury and been prescribed this medication to get relief from pain, you may feel giddy, drowsy and also relaxed, thus opening the doors for abuse. Abusers of this drug want to experience its sedative effects. Since this medication attacks and blocks pain, you may develop addiction to the feeling of euphoria produced by its regular ingestion.

The mechanism of action of Soma 350 mg tablets

In animal studies, relaxation of muscles brought about by Soma 350 mg is related with changes in the interneuronal activity in the spinal cord and also in the descending reticular formation of the brain.

It is a centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxer which does not directly relax skeletal muscles. Meprobamate, a metabolite of carisoprodol comes with sedative and anxiolytic properties.  

Use of Soma 350 mg in pregnant women

There is no research data on the usage of this medication in human pregnancy. However, animal studies show that carisoprodol, the muscle relaxant, cross the placenta and causes harmful effects on postnatal survival and fetal growth. Meprobamate, the main metabolite of carisoprodol is an approved anxiolytic. 

Any consistent linkage between maternal usage of meprobamate and a greater risk for specific congenital malformations has not been seen in retrospective, post-marketing studies. 

Animal studies have not satisfactorily assessed carisoprodol’s teratogenic effects. No increase was seen in the incidence of congenital malformations observed in reproductive studies in rabbits, rats and mice that were treated with meprobamate. Retrospective, post-marketing studies of carisoprodol metabolite, meprobamate, in human pregnancy were evasive for showing a greater risk of congenital malformations in the first three months. The types of malformations were not consistent throughout studies that showed a higher risk.

In animal studies, carisoprodol decreased postnatal weight gain, fetal weights and also postnatal survival at maternal dosage equal to 1-1.5 times the human dosage. Behavioral changes that continued to adulthood were seen in rats exposed to meprobamate in-utero. It is advisable to take Soma drug during pregnancy only it if probable benefit justifies the risk posed to the fetus. 


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